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We have been keeping and breeding different kinds of reptiles for many years.
Our intention has always been to increase the knowledge about captive care and propagation of reptiles and to share the information we achieved.

With this website we want to allow you a little insight into our facility and to have a look at the herps we keep.
We intentionally do not provide any care sheet or other facts about our animals, because you will find a lot of information elsewhere in the internet or in books and magazines. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

As herping and herpetology brings together enthusiasts from all over the world, we decided to create this website partly bilingual, in English as well as in German.

Our publications

Unsere Veröffentlichungen

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About us

Über uns

WERNING, H. (2012): Homerange. - Vom Vereinsabend zur Reptilienwohnung. Zu Besuch bei Sandra Baus und Steven Arth im Saarland. - Terraria 4(1): 84 - 87.